Grindpad – Killing For A Living

Grindpad are fucking crazy and brutal, but are also mixed up. They come from the Netherlands and they present an EP with 4 different songs!!! First song: ultra brutal death metal. Second song: deathcore with some melodic leads. Third song: death/thrash metal with a black metal touch. Fourth song: great brutal death/thrash!!! The guys have talent, that’s a fact; they play really fast & brutal and they got some seriously deranged vocals! There’s no doubt you’ll like them, but they have to choose which path to take from now on because this EP sounds a bit confusing. I think they should check out the path that combines brutal death metal with crazy fucking thrash metal parts, because when it comes to solo-ing, these guys got it! I hear they are getting ready for their next assault soon – a new EP. Give us more you wacko-cunts!!!

1. Killing For A Living
2. Meat And Greed
3. Brains For Breakfast
4. Hell Flasher
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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