Grind Zero - Forceful Displacement

Italian death/thrash featuring only 3 tracks of 9 actually recorded by way of band promotion is not a bad Idea actually, it makes you want more of you like it, but it does have an element of risk associated too. Opener ‘Blood Soaked Ground’ is modern death thrash, a few blast beats and a vocal style that is pleasurable a steers clear of pure “core” throat destruction. There is a bit of cool melodic groove a few breakdowns amongst some blast beat drum fills. ‘Extra Life Disease’ has a different sound, maybe a different recording studio, certainly it gives the impression of being “one louder”! When this one gets going it goes more into death metal, faster, gruffer, much more aggressive. Grind Zero are starting to prove an enigma, a combination of styles, or perhaps a band that has strictly managed or needed to pigeonhole their style. Although I spoke too soon, it begins to turn “modern” quickly and by doing that it loses some sharpness, some bite, it develops a bass heavy overall sound. The final track on this sampler ‘War for War’ is much more melo-death styled. I stand by my enigma comment. There are flashes of a nice heavy style, but this is peppered by some generic modern sounds that can be heard in rather a few avenues if the truth be told.

This is not a bad sampler, but it’s just ok, it’s just very common to what we hear countless times over and over again from various sources and is at a level of expectation you would consider a standard requirement in this current year of musical divulgence.

  1. Blood Soaked Ground
  2. Extra Life Disease
  3. War For War

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 27, 2013

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