Grind-O-Matic - The Washing Sessions

First off I have to say that I like the black and white graphic design the band is using. Also the MySpace area is looking good. So the first points are in the fucking pocket.
This band is coming from France and that can be read on their homepage. It is written in fucking French. There goes their point...

"The Washing Sessions" is their third release and again DIY and grinding your ears clean. Short songs that wash on a high rate of BPM with two vocal styles. The main one is grunting while there is someone screaming in the background. Beside the fast druming the guitars are raw riffing and even pour out melodic riffs. So it is groovy after all.

Compared to their previous album this release has better production and it is a lot faster. So Grind-O-Matic made a step forward and delivered a nice grindcore MCD and you can download it for fucking free. Just do it.

1. Lavage a Sec
2. Nettoyage a la Lavande
3. Essorage Continu
4. Ultra Detachant Express
5. Thermo D├ęsinfection a 95┬░C pendant 3. min et Lavage Simultane avec Detergent Alcalin
6. The Law of the Saw
7. Zombie Manicure
8. Outro
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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