Grind-O-Matic - Flower Power

This is French grind with a thoroughly modern flavour, devoid of a classic grind sound that is rather a brutal aural assault. ‘Xenophons Rhododendrons’ is rather sporadic and has a lot of augmented and disjointed chords included. Part way through it settles down and gets a groove going, but then quickly reverts to a brash and weird sense of almost parody, its rather confusing. ‘The Seagulls Are Coming’ is much more akin to classic sounds, it is short, sharp, brutal and to the point. Taking further bones from this release would be to comment on ‘Tobacco Staccato’. I don’t really see the point in this track, it’s essentially noise with a voice recording over the top stating that “smoking cause’s irreversible blindness”, whether its anti or pro smoking, its make you want to grab a pack and light up none the less!

Grind releases and especially reviewing modern grind releases can be rather disjointed like some of this music; I won’t dwell too much on individual tracks, but the premise is pretty much what I have said earlier. There isn’t a hardcore or punk feel to this and for me that’s where my personal taste in grind comes from. But what Grind-O-Matic do is to infuse extreme sounds with gore and black humour lyrical content and by doing so I find myself trying to decipher the music a lot more, as the gore and black humour passes me by in this context.

‘Hannibal Feast’ and ‘Fussy Cat’ may redeem a certain positive level of interest and violence, but all in all this release is hard work and seems to want to include a sound sample, wants to include a stop start extreme tirade, a little contrived. To be positive though, it does at least try to be a touch different than other younger grind artists, but for me doesn’t stand out enough on its own no matter how much certain songs are relied upon to redeem the release.

  1. The Ayahuasca Path
  2. Elderberry Fields Forever
  3. Wartime Tart
  4. Betel Nut Beauties
  5. Xenophons Rhododendrons
  6. The Seagulls Are Coming
  7. Tobacco Staccato
  8. Strychnine Cream
  9. Naughty Nepenthes
  10. Harsh Rash
  11. Psychedelic Beans
  12. Rural Warfare
  13. Hannibal Feast
  14. Arabian Gunje Of Enchantment
  15. Beta-Caroten Botulism
  16. Municipal Haste
  17. Fussy Cat
  18. Markov's Umbrella
  19. Socrates Fizz
  20. Peyote Coyote

Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 12, 2013
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