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This is an 11 track release from French grind band Grind-O-Matic, they have been going since 2003 and have released one demo, two eps and two full lengths and in my humble opinion are one fucking tremendous band!!

The eleven tracks are all pretty short and sweet with the total time for this release coming in at under 16 minutes. There are also three instrumentals included and all the song titles are about comic book characters made up by the demented minds of these French grindsters! I don’t know the current status of the band as they have undergone some line-up changes but here’s hoping they continue to get their music out to us fans.

The release kicks off with a very short instrumental electro style before “Bouncing Boy Joins the Pistons” kicks in with a really brutal start and sets the tone for this great disc, great riffing with some hard as fuck guitars and some superb manic drumming and great vocals from Grind-o-Roger. In my opinion the band come from the punkier end of grind core and at times almost sound like a crust band, not a problem for me as I love it!!!  “Moleman is a Breakdancer” is another cracking track with a neat discoish style intor before blasting your eardrums with some great guitar and drumming. Track seven is another short instrumental with a spacey sound before “Funnyman Depression” bursts into life, it’s a slower number with a couple of fast parts, a strange track but another cracker.
There is some manic guitar playing throughout this release from Grind-o-Mano ably abetted by his drumming partner in crime Clem-o-Matic and the climax is the last track Zzz an instrumental that starts low and slowly and builds up into an absolute great track. All I can say is this is one great album and I loved it to death, can’t recommend it highly enough.

  1. The Clock King Dysfunction
  2. Bouncing Boy Joins The Pistons
  3. Super Robert
  4. The League Vs Choufzilla
  5. Moleman Is A Break Dancer
  6. Matter Eater Lad Indigestion
  7. Fatman The Human Flying Saucer
  8. Funnyman Depression
  9. Captain Marvel Art Of Seduction
  10. The Gay Ghost Romance
  11. Zzz

Self released
Reviewer: donnieaural
Oct 19, 2011
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