Grind Inc - Sudden State Of Hate

This is the third album I have from German blasters Grind Inc and they never disappointed me. And now you ask yourself, why? For the simple reason that they create groove blasting death metal. Brutal as a handgranate in your mouth. The dual vocals of Christoph and Thomas sounding like graaargh and uuuuhhhh and underneath that growling you hear the double bass drum. But wait, Adriano is using it a lot in his patterns. He is helping the band alot with his solid, fast and thick drumsound as the backbone together with the other Thomas on bass. What leaves are the guitars and that is done by Jan who shred not so fast but he does some crazy riffs. No leads unfortunately as it would raise it a bit higher. But Jan plays some nice groovy riffs that change frequently in a song so not the boring riffs each time.

Also what helps to let this album come out strong is the good production which is making this third album their best till now. It differs not much from "Inhale The Violence" but Grind Inc is playing tighter, faster and more aggressive so in the end it differs, haha.
"Sudden State Of Hate" is an album that be bought without hearing if you kick on brutal death metal!

1. Certifiably Insane
2. Petrified Parasite
3. Lack Of Credibility
4. Pact With Agony
5. Collateral Body Count
6. Human Time Bomb
7. Hole In The Ground
8. Voice Of Premonition
9. To Descendants
10. Killustrating Your Demise
11. Sudden State Of Hate
Twilight Vertieb
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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