Grind Inc - Inhale The Violence

As I already liked their previous album "Executed" I was thrilled when their new album was send to me. See if they continue their death metal struggle. Oh yes. They do. They fucking do. With the experienced members you can expect only good played pieces. Still the band in not redirecting the death metal scene but leave a well done album in the shelves. In the 40 minutes you get compact and powerful songs that contain various tempos like blastbeast and dwelling midparts. Two vocalstyles that don't irritate but bulging the lyrics. Sometimes you hear a wicked riff or double bassdrum. Very intense and various album and oh so nice. Thanks to the good production.

1. Intro - Absorbing brutality
2. Dead body costume
3. Rebirth of an ancient time
4. Cold irregular truth
5. Glorification of violence
6. Congregation of the extreme
7. Intro - Harbinger for the doomed
8. Inhale the swarm
9. Scanning the molecules
10. While the vile wept
11. The grinding process
12. Peace by pieces
Morbid Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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