Grind Inc - Executed

Grind Inc strated as a simple project but soon completed by other members and start looking as a real band. Hiding (ex)members of Night IN Gales, Coronation and Hatefactor the knowledge is there. The songs on this debut album are intense and furious. Two vocalists with deep grunts, heavy guitars with some leads and the blasting drums. Songs that are brutal yet hiding some swing in it. Non boring and very entertaining. Death metal that strike upon thee!!!

1. Executed
2. Non-existence
3. Defining the art of pure brutality
4. Intense zombie butchery
5. 40 incisions
6. Obsession
7. Murder & slaughter repeat
8. Overkill infernalized
9. Splattered in Virginia
10. Beware of god
11. Kill for this peace
12. Forever blood
13. Forced to eat their guts while dying
14. What to fuck_
15. Forced to consume
16. The sin that makes us forget
Morbid Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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