Grimness / Holocausto Canibal - Split

This is a split with two extreme bands of which Grimness plays more grind orientated and Holocausto Canibal more death. Grimness (Italy) starts off with a short intro tune and then rocks of with a track that has some variety in the melody and bad recording quality. In track 4 you get a combination with two style vocals and then about 20 songs, well more short outbursts of a few seconds. Two more complete songs on track 25 and 37. Don't understand what those short tracks are about and think that together with the bad sound it won't do good for Grimness.

From Portugal comes HC (sick cover and don't think many will publish it, but hey look at the left column) and they have a way much better sound and with the molesting intros the songs are double bass loaded and straight in the face. Variety in the tempo, deep vocals and raging guitars. This is some nice piece of brutal art!

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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