Grimness 69 - Illheaven Hells

After the release of their debut album in 2006 Italy´s Grimness 69 return with a new record titled “Illheaven Hells” and still take no prisoners with their style of Death Metal / Grindcore. The underground will surely party to this, but I doubt that Grimness 69 will reach a wide public, simply because there there are bands out there that have much more force. It needs a bit more that just downtuned mediocre riffs and deep vocals with slight variations to unleash a real inferno. The nice things about “Illheaven Hells” is, that the production is pretty cool and nothing got drowned in a muddy recording quality. Another good point is the variable drum work that ranges from “normal speed” to D-Beat violence and more faster stuff. The few but effective double bass parts add some more power to the songs and the structures in general. During some moments the band offers unrestrained musical fury and a multitude of positive ideas, but they fail to put it in action. Sad but true. If the guys could manage to take the best parts and ideas of their songs and write new material with it, they surely could deliver a masterpiece with their next CD. Anyways, if you´re an underground Death / Grind maniac feel free to check this release out.

1. Undisputed Questions
2. Silent Mouths
3. Infernal Dancefloor
4. Heaven Never Seen
5. Drops Of God Wrath
6. Postmortem Blues
7. Angelwhores
8. Overdose
9. Grimness Avenue 69
10. My Right Eye
11. Vultures Kingdom
Copro Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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