Grimness 69 - Grimness Avenue 69

The story of Grimness 69 goes back to 2001 when they started under the name Grimness. In 2005 they decided to add the number 69 (anything to do with the sex position?) to the name and recorded their debut album "Grimness Avenue 69". The album comes with a nice artwork and with 17 tracks. Short and explosive grindcore songs with death metal edges. In the 6 minute song "Doomsday Carillon" they go on a doomish death tour. And the beginning of "Ghost In My Brain" starts with a rap kind like intro. But the majority is punching with two style vocals and bonesawing riffs. And the band has a nice sense of humor as you can hear in the song "Beer" and ofcourse reading the other songtitles. Grimness 69 delivers a debut that combines fun, aggression and groove into a nice and enjoyable melting pot!

1. Medugorje Satan Devastation
2. Thoughts About The End
3. Spermrainbow
4. Useless & Divine
5. Piss Not Peace
6. Naziphobia
7. Lucy Was Pregnant
8. Libido In Decay
9. Doomsday Carillon
10. Ghosts In My Brain
11. Meconium
12. Mundo De Mierda
13. Skizophone Call
14. My Mongloid Girlfriend
15. Autos Da Fe
16. Frenzy Of Despair
17. Light Or Extinction
Grotesque Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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