GriMMoRTal - Execrating Normality

“resistance has always been futile.......and the circle of suffering will go on forever........there is no solution........there is no hope”

The band GriMMoRTal hail from Navi Mumbai on the west coast of the Indian state of Maharashta. It is the largest planned city in the world and apparently capable of inspiring such hopeless and hatefully wicked sounds found on the bands debut release “Execrating Normality”. Band members are Prateek Keni on bass, Rahul Nair on vocals, Nikant Sharma and Elvis on guitars.

These gentlemen classify themselves as deathcore but walk the borderline between technical death metal and straight up grindcore. They have a very avantgarde vibe about them and one could classify them as prog rock meets grindcore. Full of time shifts and different sounds, and vocals that shift from Amon Amarth death growls to Cattle Decapitation pig squeals, this disc was a pleasant surprise and a stimulating experience to listen to. Clocking in at just over a half an hour this seven song ep will take you on a beautifully dark ride.
1.Resistance. The opening track is a hate filled anthem that pummels along at a break neck speed bringing Lamb of God to mind and this song is where the lyrics at the beginning of the article were taken from. With a killer break down near the end full of low bass booms and lightning fast double bass pedals, this one is a great opening track.
2.Abomination. This one starts out with some ethereal guitar soloing and picks up the pace with a groove laden opening sequence followed by more bass booming breakdowns and then speeds up to a grindcore pace accompanied by pig squealing vocals. After that it slows back down into an insanely long groove laden breakdown with a little dubstep techno noise thrown in.
3.Tormented. This one starts out hard and fast and the power groove guitar work is inter laden with a nice melodic sounding chorus. Very heavy and crunchy breakdown in the middle, you never no where this song is going as it throws you a surprise around every corner complete with more pig squealing vocals.
4.Why So Emo? Love the song title and this one really stands out to me with an angst ridden hardcore vibe to it. Well put together piece of thrash/death/hardcore noise for your listening pleasure without any pig squeals until the very end.
5.Pantomime. Starts off very prog sounding and develops into a very melodic sounding song that reminds one of Amon Amarth, one of my favs, but keeps a slightly off beat but hard driving and aggressive pace. Apocalyptic lyrics and great guitar melodies make this one a pleasure to listen to as well.
6.Fatality. This one is all brutality and attitude with some atmospheric keyboards in the back ground and very crunchy and groovy guitar rhythms with a little spoken word thrown in before a break down that is just mean as hell itself. Love the breakdowns and the guitar solo along with the precise double bass drumming, the last part of this song ends very tribal with a short drum solo and slow, groovy rhythm guitarwork.
7.Refrag. The band leaves us with a nice symphonic sounding song that one could easily call a composition with so many different sounds and vibes that ebb and flow like the oceans tide. Heavy yet melodic and many time and tempo changes that are definitely the trademark of this bands sound.

Execrating Normality was a real pleasure to listen to and came across as very thought out with many layers and facets to their sound. GriMMoRTal are defenitely worth checking out and I hope these guys keep doing what they are doing musicaly. Deathcore is a label, but these guys have an original sound that is hard to pigeonhole in to one genre. Give it a spin and enjoy.


1. Resistance
2. Abomination
3. Tormented
4. Why So Emo
5. Pantomime
6. Fatality
7. Refrag

Self released
Reviewer: Tim Reed
Apr 29, 2013
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