Grimm - Heksenkringen

The meaning about Grimm goes back to Medieval times when pagan witches called Grimm where erased by the Vatican inquisitors. In the 19th century some people claimed to be the reincarnated but they got executed by Christian society. But in 2007 3 men try it again to proclaim revenge. Heavy metal music mixed with pagan and folklorish influences. Dwelling guitars with leads and shrieking or clean troubadourish vocals in mid tempo songs. The lyrics are sung in Dutch but I don't think people will notice, haha. Grimm plays nice heavy metal and that folklorish element you will hear in the clean vocal parts but for the rest of it it is nice dwelling music in long running tracks.

1. De Witte Ruiter
2. Verbranding Van Een Heks
3. Zwarte Magie
4. Als Wederganger Dwalend
5. Heksenkringen
6. Van Drakenbloed Fel
7. Toverwaas Der Kwijning
8. Opera Van De Nacht
Displeased Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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