Grimlord - Dolce Vita Sath-anas

The history from Grimlord goes back to 1999 when two members of the black metal band Vallachia decided to form a more melodious and ambitious act. These two guys were the vocalist/guitarist Barth and the drummer Jacek. The bandname was Sinfull Face and they played covers of Running Wild, Iron Maiden and Mercyful Fate. After the beginning the band chances members, records demos and in 2007 they released the debut "Blood Runneth Over". The follow up album was written in 2009 and released that same year under the name "Dolce Vita Sath-anas".

The styles you hear on the album is a combination of thrash and heavy metal. Caracteristic is the english accent of Barth (the band is from Poland) and he is singing a bit in the vein of early Running Wild. The songs carry a great sense of melody and nice guitar work with riffs and very nice leads. Tempo is going from mid to fast and back. But the songs sound more than ok with good melodies. The only problem could be the vocals. And so it might not be strange that the first three songs are with vocals and the rest of the album instrumental!

Now listening to the instrumental songs you hear that Grimlord is capabale of writing songs with atmosphere, melody and dwelling rhythms. They are also stepping into some prog stuff. Also that Barth really can play the guitars but his vocals can be missed. Also strange is that the sound quality of the first three songs are louder than the instrumentals.

Nevertheless, Grimlord released an album that shows a wide range of musical directions and musical capabilities. But it is weird that there are so many instrumental songs and that they don't have the sound quality as the opening songs. But please judge the band by yourself by visiting their sites and listen to some of the tunes.

1. Dolce Vita Sath-Anas
2. When The Heads Are Going Down
3. Oh! My King
4. Shade Of Wrath Angels
5. Ground Zero
6. Dissolution Of Eternity
7. Ancient Land Of Ys
8. Avericious Scavenger_Panth Of Lash
9. Lamentation Sword

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 2, 2010

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