Grim Ordeal - A Tragedy Unfolds

This is a groove thrash/metalcore band from The Netherlands on their debut full length release. Whilst the style is very common in certain circles, the way that this is performed makes this a worthy addition to your collection, it sounds like it has purpose. Granted, you may well have heard this all before, however, strip back and listen to the instruments individually, then you can hear a level of intricacy that’s prominent with some of the sub-genres larger players. I do find some 90’s references here and there, from the Machine Head-ism’s of artificial harmonics and post thrash heaviness to early Slipknot tempos that features to my ears on the track ‘A Tragedy Unfolds’ at its intro.

Elements of light and shade keep the release invigorating, as are the more up tempo sections, although the slower elements highlight more musicianship from the guitar players these are unfortunately resident alongside some tried and tested drum patterns and breakdowns. Vocally, there is clean and dirty, there is emotion and aggression, a good balance actually and whilst I don’t profess to being a total follower of this style, I can really appreciate the level of musicianship that’s happening on this release.

Overall, a strong release but doesn’t quite possess enough highlights to stand out from the crowd and make them more than a band influenced by a few of the bands that made the genre develop through the early millennium years. That said, I wouldn’t say it a bad one, far from it, but you have heard this many times over before.

  1. Surrender
  2. Sombre Sun
  3. Drainage
  4. The Shade Of Black Water
  5. Darkside Desire
  6. Metastatic Hatred
  7. Breathing The Dark
  8. Ghost Of The Past
  9. A Tragedy Unfolds