Grim Fate - Emerging From The Crypts

Hailing from The Netherlands, here we have Grim Fate. Formed in 2017 to create some dark, brutal and doomy death metal. Influenced by the old Finnish scene and bands like Incantation they tried to create their own brand of dark death metal resulting in a 4 song EP, "Emerging From The Crypts".

This 2 piece creates a tone that is absolutely monstrous. Down tuned, heavy, vile and nasty. A sound made famous by early Finnish death metal gods. A promising opening with 'Decomposition'. A tune that begins with the summoning of an inner Bolt Thrower. It quickly appears that Demigod is a massive influence. By the end of 'Decomposition', you do want to see what awaits!

'Dying World' is the next track. The opening riff is very reminiscent of Anthrax's 'Be All, End All'. Executed in a MUCH different style, of course. Then back to the fury of the unholy Finnish style onslaught. The final two tracks are more of the same.

Phiilippus Yntema does a respectable job of programming the drums, but I certainly miss the human touch/element and real drum sound. I'd like to hear future material from Grim Fate. I did enjoy this EP, but with death/doom being a current force in death metal, this release doesn't stand out. Especially compared many of this year's efforts that have dropped the jaws of many death metal fans.


1. Decomposition
2. Dying World
3. Embracing Your Death
4. Emerging From The Crypt

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Nov 26, 2018

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