Griffin - The Ultimate Demise

The band Griffin is unknown to me although this is their 5th release and when I played this record for the first time it gave a deja vu. This power metal sounds familiair and you can sing the chorusses along without having heard it before. And not that alone but also the building of the song, the guitarleads and the clean vocals. Even the semi ballad "Crown Of Thorns" is there. The album is not bad but it is adding nothing new and just one of those million power metal albums you already have. "The Ultimate Demise" will find its way to the really die hard fans of power metal but beside them??

1. Intro
2. The Ultimate Demise
3. Down On You
4. Legends Live Forever
5. Crown Of Thorns
6. Losing Control
7. Angel
8. Pretty Hate Machine
9. Restless Dreams
10. Ain't Hard To Die
11. Here Comes The Rain
12. Outro
Burning Star Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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