Grief Of Emerald - It All Turns To Ashes

Originally formed under the name of Mandatory back in 90, a band called Emerald was given birth after Johnny (ex Decameron, Oderu) and Anders (ex Necrofeast) gathered forces and skipped the gore themes formerly approached in their prior lyrics to a more thoughtful mystical concept. Eventually, Robert (ex Oderu) added the epic feeling with his keyboards in 94. Then, the name of Grief Of Emerald became more fitting to the bands improved style. Drummer Dennis filled in to smash the skins and this line-up completed a demo, entitled "The Beginning". By their boasting harmonies with haunting keyboards, tight double-bass drumming backed by a thick guitar sound and haunting vocals, plus superb packaging, Grief Of Emerald strayed away from the usual light-sounding Scandinavian black/death metal”

And Yes It Moves
Arguably the loudest opening on an album ever, the screams were indeed deafening and the track ventures into a squalid, loaded and most riotous parade of grisly sounds ever with no lack lustre moments anywhere, so an amazing start to what sounds like a superb album.

God Of Carnage
A good build up to another strong sounding track with its gnarled branches heavily laden with ferocity and a sinister madness that is wrapped in a delicious seductive growl. It takes a firm hold on the jugular and declares war. Powerfully aggressive in stance and rich textures of debauched rhythms.

Where Tears Are Born
What emerges here is downright striking, it launches itself into hells paradise and flows like a never ending stream of erupting volcanic lava. Lush with high octane riffs that are accelerated with passionate drumming amid a symphony of intertwining madness that is as potent as caustic acid bath.

It All Turns To Ashes
The title track explores a solid blast of beats that fire in quick succession to the conclusion it sounds like rapid gun fire and you are right in the firing line! The tease of powerful rhythms glue the track together and offer a hurried walk through a blinding storm of urgency as it tips its peak of perfection.

Cage Of Pain
Like icy raindrops the keyboards plink and jangle as the track builds to a more solid and emotive stance. The gnarly growls of madness make their presence felt with a brooding passion, whilst all the time building and adding in more toxic rhythms of sinister malevolence, pushing the band and its listeners to new boundaries.

When Silence Became Eternal
Bursting triumphantly onto the scene this track continues its onslaught on the audial canal with a fierce vehemence in delicious confrontational splendour. It bruises the edges of insanity as it whips up a frenzy of quickening rhythms, the keyboards work overtime to lay down the fundamentals of the overall blend of ferocity and give the track a seamless feel of flowing passion.

A very quiet start gives way to a classical feel. It stretches out its gnarly arms and an array of intense heat that licks around the rhythmic heightening riffs whilst they do battle with the shrill and immense keyboard sounds.  The vocals ride proudly on the back of the tremendously evil array of insane blast beats and the result is an overwhelming frenzy of bristling madness that will devour you with impressive ferocity.

Stormlegions (Warstorms Pt 2)
The thickening rhythms and gnarly growling splice through the membrane like a scalpel cutting through tender flesh. It continues on its journey and slows significantly to allow the keyboards to shine once more, until a strong prominent riff emerges and then continues the onslaught to greater heights of voraciousness.

The Third Eclipse
Sizzling with a high intensity that burns to an overwhelming degree of hotly spiced rhythms, it rampages and literally gnaws like a rat on a bone, the thunderous and rapturous riffs never lose their grip and focus on the higher pinnacles of the track. The contrasting vocal torrent of poison feed into it like a lifeline which is suddenly cut short as the track ends.

This album is nothing short of genius! The cascading torrents of tumultuous rhythms wash over the listener with great abandon, knocking everything out of its path as the tracks come alive in succession. The vocals are just superb and add to the depths and gives it that death/black flavour. It is one formidable album that simply has to be listened to, to understand all the brutal violation that has gone into making it the most extremely passionate album I have heard to date.

Its quickening tempos reach fever pitch very quickly and offers a ledge on which to shelter from its absurd emissions of extreme and barbaric ferocity. I have enjoyed every morsel of this album from start to finish and feel it is one of those albums that you can return to and still find something of wonder and amazement in it.

  1. And Yes It Moves
  2. God Of Carnage
  3. Where Tears Are Born
  4. It All Turns To Ashes
  5. Cage Of Pain
  6. When Silence Became Eternal
  7. Warstorms
  8. Stormlegions (Warstorms Pt 2)
  9. The Third Eclipse