Grenouer - Computer Crime

Several years ago Grenouer shocked fans with a change in genre and style, and with their latest EP 'Computer Crime' it seem that they are going to cause waves again. This brief offering shows the softest, most melodic side of the band, with hardly any trace of the former 'Metal' side that made them back in the 'Odour 'O Folly' days. Tracks like "Rejected" are slow, progressive and almost dreamy with the soft clean vocals dominating everything and it just may stun fans as they will wonder what Grenouer is trying to accomplish here. It's a highly radical change that may not be accepted very well, but at the same time Grenouer is living up to the standard that they will always evolve and continue to push their boundaries for fans to enjoy. The heavy semi-industrial feeling is there on the music with a track like "Fix Your Life," but it is still highly melodic and not that thick punch that a band like Fear Factory would do, which they have been compared to many times. "See No Sun" is the only track really featuring any growling and is the heaviest track of all, but fans of older Grenouer still might feel it is too different from the band they once knew. Whether or not this EP is a sign of what is to come, one can at least appreciate the ingenuity of Grenouer's direction and creativity, and will certainly be assured that they will not repeat their former works in the future with any cheap 're-hash.'


  1. Last Stop
  2. Rejected
  3. See No Sun
  4. Fix Your Life
  5. Golden Years

Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Feb 28, 2012
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