Grendel - A Change Through Destruction

Straight up power metal from Finland. Grendel is a 6 man outfit who consist of: Mikko Virtanen - vocals, Mika Kivi - guitar, background vocals, Jussi Kraft - guitar, Kari Martikainen - bass, Juha Terrilä - keyboards and Jarkko Piipari - drums. "A Change Through Destruction" (is this band's second album), is a very diverse album which barrows it's influences from various sources of metal. The clean cut vocals are nicely complimented with the brutality of the secondary death vocales, the keyboards lend a crispness to the tracks and the riffs are unpredictable and layered superbly. Great beat throughout this piece which uplifts the listener as well as brings you down. The solo work and lyrics on "The Deaf Cult" is a good example of some of this albums sorrowful sound which still has a twisted happy feeling to it. I do admit that this is not really my style of everyday listening but do appreciate the work put into this creation and in all fairness and judging from outside my bubble I would recommend this album. Those who are into this style or whom just appreciate excellent talent and great musicianship should check this one out. This album is very well put together with alot of thought and soul. Think that my rating of 4/5 is a very fair deal what do you think?

1. One Desire
2. A Change Through Destruction
3. Dialog With Pain
4. The Deaf Cult
5. Another Link In The Chain
6. Forsaken Shell
7. Quicksand
8. Half-Life
9. Trapped Inside
10. Moment Of Silence

Firefox Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 12, 2009

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