Gregzeye - The End Days

Gregzeye was formed in June 2004 in Kutina/Croatia. They named the band after their friend Greg who came to one of our rehearsals after apparently hurting his eye on a beach umbrella. What better way to name your band, than after your friends red eye?

A Slow Rejuvenation
This is really mesmeric with strenuous riffs that control the track, whilst the beats secure a good strong melodic swagger and vocally off the scale with some grisly guttural emissions.

Near Death Revelations
Another evenly balanced track that houses a lot of powerful moments. The track is inspiring as it is enthralling and draws on some fantastic rhythms that pull you into its intriguing embrace, as gnarly as it is.

Teasing rhythms will blind you using a ferocious melody, as the guitar work moves up and down the fretboard in a sweeping tone. The vocal is just extreme and right up my street, for one being so grisly and extreme. The constant barrage of blasting beats are outstanding. The overload of infused grooves are just really creative.

Let It Go
Quite a flamboyant array of sounds steeped in a melodic swathe and swagger as the track pushes further with the vocal elements sounding particularly anger-fed and the riffs heighten to one of sheer intensity. The musicianship here is nothing short of genius!!

Inner Blindness
This track literally bristles under the festering array of heavy grooves.  I can hardly type as my head refuses to stay still. It is a very rewarding composition that really begs attention for its fiery and aggressive stance, not to mention the blood boiling guitar riffs that climb to new levels. Outstanding!

The End Days
The title track of the album, creeps up on you at a reasonable pace and suddenly turns into a gallop and then explodes into a ravenous one horse race leaving you at the starting post with your jaw open! You can literally feel the flesh melt as the scathing raspy vocal onslaught reaches the aural.  If you do not have the sound on 11 then you are missing out here as this is one clustering, clutch of sheer frenzied, and gnarly rhythms that will stomp all over you.

Fields Of Guilt
More ravenous and rewarding riffs mesmerize as the fierceness continues, building in various degrees of hunger. The bombastic beats are exciting and edgy and brings forth an urgency of insatiable listening.

Inside Out
The guitarists simply explore every string on the fretboard with sheer sophistication, whilst vocally, no recesses are left untouched by the scornful hatred that emanates from the ailing speakers and fills the room.  Powerfully mind blowing and drenched in rich textures of startling and imposing rhythms.

This Poison
Just add groove and a throaty guttural growl and you have what this track is all about. Its insatiable appetite for destruction is not in question here. The momentous climbing riffs speed with utter abandon into a raw energy that becomes a superb experience of sheer gnarliness.

Give It Back
This scratches the itch with a passion that in turn, visits the whole musical spectrum. The vocals really jump up a notch here and move from extreme to totally and resoundingly brutal. Its slower moment is filled with sophistication and intrinsic euphoria – what a track!!

We Are
Melodic brooding moments build tempestuously into an equally impressive stance as groove and rhythms interlock amid a swelling strenuous vocal that savages even the most tuned ear. Flowing freely with sheer contempt it smothers with an intimidating array of caustic emotions.

This track houses some sinewy rhythmic riffs and a strong compelling beat that quick fires and ensures the listener is drenched in its ferocity as the vocal kicks in and adds more than a hint of aggression, with a need of extreme urgency will claim your soul and devour it with a full on heavy assault and goes out on a bang of glory!

Wow!!  Croatia does it again! There are some amazing bands emerging from that area of the globe without a doubt! These guys have produced twelve tracks of the finest and most ferocious groove laden compositions known to man. Exploring more than ‘just’ a groove, this band know where to hit and just how hard to hit you to make their presence felt.

I feel I am the luckiest person alive right now to have experienced this album in its full and utter glory – they have certainly found a place close to my heart with this immense and striking display of colossal magnitude that oozes quality from every pore with nearly every genre from thrash to groove and progressive to black touched upon in more ways than one! Utterly amazing! And click the Buy button as it will lead you to a FREE download!

  1. A Slow Rejuvenation
  2. Near Death Revelations
  3. Revenge
  4. Let It Go
  5. Inner Blindness
  6. The End Days
  7. Fields Of Guilt
  8. Inside Out
  9. This Poison
  10. Give It Back
  11. We Are
  12. Nightmares

Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Jun 15, 2013

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