Greenfly - Hidden Pleasures Of A Nonexistent Reality

Spanish slaughters with their debut. Started back in 1992 but with the usual problems they start working again a few years ago. With two founding members of Haemorrhage and one from Machetazos you get a good mix of brutal death and grind. Fast and notorious tracks with sense for melody. Not constant hammering but some slow atmospheric parts. Vocals are brutal with some grind shouting as back up. Drums are fast and thrashy. But the leading part are the guitars. Good harmonies and great leads. Including a cover of Death. Good album that is worth the try.

1. Life downfall (intro)
2. Then thousand degrees
3. First world domination
4. Living beyond suffering
5. Crossbreaker
6. Face of the injustice
7. Born dead (cover of Death)
8. Fallen empire
9. Hidden pleasures of a nonexistent reality
Morbid Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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