Great Vast Forest - Battletales And Songs Of Steel

From Brazil comes this barbarian black metal back. First of all I think the viking vocals are shit. When the album started with this I was afraid that it will go on the whole album. But hell no, soon there was the BM voice that made it muchos better to hear. So the music is oke with the black voice but please no more viking vocals. And is the bonus song played backwards?

1. Intro/The Rings Of Power...
2. Pagan Kingdom
3. Wolvesclan
4. The Gate Behind The Mountain
5. Masters Of The Old War
6. Cold Souls Of The Forest
7. Majestic South
8. Stormtroops
9. Imperial Moon
10. Outro/...And Of Blood Was Covered The Hill...
Evil Horde Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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