Gravsorg - Visions Of Depression

There are far too many Xasthur clones out there, and Denmark's Gravsorg is another to add to the list. A duo rather than a one man band, much from their debut album, 'Visions Of Depression,' follows the same very hazy, drunken guitar chords the just mournfull repeat themselves over and over amongst howling vocals of torture that are emotional, but just don't live up to the original Malefic's work. At best, Gravsorg can be compared to very early Xasthur such as long the lines of 'Funeral Of Being;' both sound very similar with how the distortion lets off a very audible hiss to help with the wall of sound that makes everything seem misty and hazy... but rather than creepily atmospheric it just sounds like someone left the sprinklers on near some bushes. Tracks like "Avoid The Living" are slow, drudging songs that are most reminiscent of Xasthur, especially in the repetitive sense, and sound somewhat decent, although the vocals are mostly missing or whispered so low that the distortion wipes it out. On a track like "Cemetary Wind" they are much louder, but still sound more like instruments themselves as far as when it comes to deciphering any sense from them. However, that was a part of the talent of Xasthur, and Gravsorg copies this well.

Other tracks like "Preferred Exit" and "Sarcophogus Doomed And Buried" are more like the "Intro" track: a lot less hazy and more atmospheric, meant for excellent haunted house music that achieve the proper tone for what Gravsorg is attempting. However, sometimes tracks like "Perferred Exit Pt. 1" do a much better job at conveying atmosphere with a quieter sense than "Pt. 2" which just sounds like "Cemetary Wind," but without any vocals. The repetitive nature of the churning guitar brings a limited scope of what Gravsorg can do when it feels like they have the potential to do so much more than just this kind of music alone. Overall, fans of Xasthur will instantly gravitate to this, though some might also alienate 'Visions Of Depression' simply because it is too much like Xasthur... and there really can only be one. Other fans of depressive black metal along the lines of Benighted In Sodom and 'Mort' Blus Aus Nord periods will also find this dark offering impressive, but sadly limited as far as time goes; longer tracks would have made things much more interesting.

  1. Intro
  2. Avoiding The Living
  3. Paranoia Dwells In The Desolate
  4. Cemetary Wind
  5. Preferred Exit Pt. 1
  6. Frustrated Into Solitude
  7. Sarcophagus Doomed And Buried
  8. Preferred Exit Pt. 2

Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Oct 2, 2011

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