Graveyard - The Sea Grave

Spain’s Graveyard have been spreading their filthy death metal for a number of years now and ‘The Sea Grave’ is only their second full length album. Granted they have released a lot of EP’s and took part in many split releases to be fair. My journey with Graveyard started with ‘Into the Mausoleum’ and this current release really doesn’t have me thinking any differently. They style is still the same and Graveyard are one of the most filthy disgusting sounding bands in this field, this is no more different or would you really expect it the change, if it is not broke don’t fix it. They certainly give a middle finger to anyone who thought they would jump on the bandwagon and clean up their sound and image. To some respect, this is what makes Graveyard appealing, but in another, it becomes difficult to evaluate another release that sounds similar to the previous one time after time.

The main steadfast feature of some of Graveyard’s music are their mid to slower tempo tracks, these sound totally nihilistic and whether their lyrical theme is in fact paying homage to Lovecraft’s “The Call of Cthulhu” by referencing R’Lyeh (a lost city that appeared in that tale), the main bite of the sound is in other tracks to these instrumental pieces. Full bodied tracks like ‘Blood of Vengeance’ stir your senses and bite hard the hand that feeds the music that would be expected from some contemporaries. This is business as usual, but there is a progressing in the confidence of the arrangements. Some are rather striking and rather bold, especially on the some of drum parts; the guitar solos are still rather random in a controlled chaos in retrospect after a few spins.

All in all, ‘The Sea Grave’ sounds gnarly and sounds like a band determined to grow and succeed in their growth. IT was not until further more in depth analysis of the overall package is evaluated you gain a level of appreciation for this work. To gain a full appreciation, give this release some time, you will be reward in some nasty non-contrived death metal that has a little more variation that the usual “old school” sound of late.


  1. R’Lyeh
  2. The Visitations Of The Great Old Ones
  3. Faces Of The Faceless
  4. Blood Of Vengeance
  5. In Deep Slumber
  6. The Nurturing Of The Cadaver
  7. …And The Gods Grant Thee Death
  8. Who Art Thou, O Witch, That Seekest Me?
  9. Cult Of The Shadows Pt.II: I Am The Lord Of Spirits
  10. R’Lyeh II
  11. Of He Who Sleeps
  12. R’Lyeh III