Graveyard - One With The Dead

Once again, the good folks at have dredged the darkest caverns of the underground, all in the name of metal. This time, they have unearthed a gem by Swedish, I mean Spanish death metal purists Graveyard. With a deliberately old-fashioned production courtesy of Dan Swano, in Sunlight Studios no less – this couldn’t sound more like a classic Swedish death metal album! It’s certainly an oddity that a fairly new band from Barcelona has decided to invoke the spirit of early Swedish death metal so exactly, but you would be wrong to dismiss it as a joke. Here’s why...

First off is the sound.... THAT sound. For the death metal fan of a certain age, remember that feeling you had when you first heard Dismember and Entombed. That dark, cavernous sound, reminiscent of rotting corpses deep underground and dark, bestial things hiding in places where sunlight doesn’t reach. For some reason I always think of skeletons in rusty cages whenever I heard this type of death metal – whatever images come into the mind, this album brings it all straight back in an instant.

Secondly, like their musical heroes from colder climates, they know how to write a great death metal song.  The twisted, dark, heavy and morbid yet memorable riffs jump out of the speakers out you, and the songs flow like an everflowing stream (sorry!). There are some truly great morbid moments on this album, and as far as I can tell, not a single duff song either. I was going to name some particularly good songs, but I think I’d end up naming all of them.

Like the bands of old, Graveyard’s music has that perfect balance between dark, heavy ferocity and great songs. All this achieved without a single blast beat, or cramming in a million riffs per song.

The only truly odd thing about the album, apart from the geographical confusion is the Candlemass cover at the end. Much as I love Candlemass, and Graveyard obviously love Swedish metal bands, I’m not sure this cover really adds anything to the album, or to the song itself.

That aside, fans of older death metal, in particular those who loved the first wave of Swedish death metal  should absolutely love this album. Dismiss it at your peril!

1. Prologue: The Reaping
2. Pantheon Vulture
3. The Burning Gate
4. Riding A Pale Horse
5. Necrology
6. Carven Epitaph
7. One With The Dead
8. Walking Horrors Of The Undead
9. Abandoned Churches (instrumental)
10. Caro Data Vermibus
11. The Skull
12. A Tale Of Creation (Candlemass Version)
BlackSeed Productions
Reviewer: Jon
Nov 14, 2010

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