Graveyard - Into The Mausoleum

The Spanish band GRAVEYARD plays old-school black metal influenced by Venom and Morbid Angel. These bands are superb and there is nothing wrong with basing one’s sound on such “dated” bands. These bands are what Graveyard refers to as the creators of death metal the way it should sound. Whatever. I like it anyway. The style has proper smooth low growls and the guitars work smoothly with the drums. And I do mean smooth. Not much discordance on this release. The effort sounds polished and brutal. I would hesitate to call it brutal death because it lacks that guttural sickness that I adore so much and Graveyard would probably prefer simply the label “death metal” to anything else. Graveyard does not break down its beats and they do not add keyboards. They just play fast, have a fat sound, and end INTO THE MAUSOLEUM with the heavy breathing of somebody in pain (Sounds appropriate to a graveyeard setting into which somebody is about to be buried dead or alive. ‘Tis hard to tell here). There are only five tracks on this album but they are certainly well crafted for the death metal scene. I prefer slightly newer sounds in my ears but Graveyard could handle any battle of the bands of death metalers.

1. Entrance
2. Into The Mausoleum
3. Ritual
4. One Of Them
5. King Of The Graveyard
6. Under The Shadows Of Death
Black Seed Productions
Reviewer: Jesse
Feb 26, 2009

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