Graveyard Ghoul - Tomb Of The Mouldered Corpses

Unusual beginning and the voices dead... stringy swamp horror, brrr. The intro is done well, pleasantly surprised. But listening to the first time to the middle of the album I was a little bored and had nearly fall asleep.

At first I thought, where's the guitar solo? Listening on, hesitated - and maybe they do not need... And yet they appear in some moments, but not allocated. Hasteless death metal, enough high-quality, interleaved with a cheerful "tyupatyupa." Tranquil voice, ordinary, ominous-soulful, nothing special - but in harmony with the general spirit of the music.

A feeling that the musical skeleton - almost the same throughout the album, but sometimes slows down or speeds up. And almost every song has a "trick" - "Voices From Beyond", the sounds of the decomposition of dead bodies... There is a characteristic detail: metallic noise, gnashing, a knock of metal on metal on a high note.

With all this hideousness pleasant to listen to them for some reason, music soothes, lulls the, and pulls into the swamp with dead flesh… Somehow I do not even want them to compare with somebody. I'm too lazy. I slowly decomposes… Wake me up, add a solo…

In general, the style of death is sustained well. Album reminds serene, smooth novel: a preface, "fluid" cynical plot, and completion. So, peaceful dreams in the infernal swamp of rotting corpses and the stench of death! This soporific "saga" of the dead was very successful, keep it up!

  1. Voices From Beyond
  2. Poetry Of Death
  3. Tomb Of The Mouldered Corpses
  4. Savage Note Of Diease
  5. Splattered Body
  6. Absoulte Dead
  7. Rotten Death
  8. Violent Beast
  9. Black Lagoon
  10. Walking Dead

Reviewer: Vjedma
Nov 14, 2013
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