Graveyard Ghoul - The Living Cemetery

Germany’s Graveyard Ghoul are an unrefined grave stone marker in a cemetery full of gaudy elaborate, polished monuments. Starting out only three short years ago in 2011, these Lower Saxony gents like it dark, evil and covered in filth and have not strayed from that moss covered murky path through it all. From their mud cacked demo, "Necrocult", to their festering wound of a debut, "Tomb Of The Mouldered Corpses", and onto this new maggot ridden, decaying corpse, "The Living Cemetery", their sound has remained true to course.

"The Living Cemetery" here is a very strong statement in staying true to who you are at the core and where you really came from while still being able progress and grow as musicians and songwriters. With this new long player Graveyard Ghoul were able to keep that necro, evil, dirty sound that has been their signature since the start while still being able to make it all sound better, become even more memorable and ultimately much more instantly catchy. Which, honestly, is all we can really ask for in any band, a strong desire to make your art and an equal desire to make it better. Which Graveyard Ghoul have done here.

That does not mean to say that they have made their music any more accessible than before, hell no. "The Living Cemetery" is a testament to true necro atmosphere used and executed with a deft hand. It does not sound like it was recorded in your mom’s basement on a old tape four track, yet again it does not sound like they used anything to try and make it sound like there was much better technology used either. It’s so dense and dark that listening to it is comparable to trying to swim under the surface in a thick, chowder like soup. And in an age today where a super polished, ultra streamlined, uber technical and utterly soulless version of death metal is the masses widely accepted game of choice, it is always nice to see, hear, experience a band that continues to be as down low and necro as traditional death metal was made and meant to be.

1. Lunatic Possession
2. Living Cemetery
3. Vomit To The Grave
4. Scraping From A Coffin
5. Who Goes There
6. Putrid Stench Of Death
7. Secrecy Of Dying Flesh
8. Rotten Gore Excrements Whore
9. Sentenced To The Knife
10. Funeral Priest