Gravewurm - Blood Of The Pentgram

Gravewurm formed in 1990 and hail from Fairfax Virginia it would appear according to their myspace page. I say appears because there is not a lot of information out there on these guys. In any case, it feels odd to be mentioning a band like Gravewurm and myspace in the same sentence and I mean no disrespect by that - I mean they sound like they are from a time before www.anything... I feel like I should have traded this somewhere, sometime in the 1980's and etched the band logo onto my school desk such is the infernal noise that I am hearing.

What have we here then I can hear you ask, Black Metal? Its not an easy question to answer. With opening track Goat Command, I can hear a thrashy almost death metal on occasion feel from the guitars. The vocals are undeniably Black though. The guitars however do get dissonant and black all in the same one track. The drumming is relatively mid paced giving the whole album a doomy feel in parts. These guys do not partake in warp speed blasts - they rely on a more doomy vibe to create their particular brand of Grimness - an American brand in my opinion. This sounds distinctly American to me.

Necromance brings more dissonant guitars and the doomy drumming again keeps the band in check. This is a good and solid release well executed and production wise hs achieved what I am sure the band are going for. It is what I would call semi-polished. Overall a competent album but these guys are not going to be overly bothered I am sure what my opinion is!

1 Goat Command
2 Grave
3 Deeper Dungeons
4 Blood Of The Pentagram
5 Necromance
6 Brought Before The Altar
7 Infernal Devilry
8 Lycanthropic
9 Hordes Of Hell
10 Two Coins For Charon
11 In Praise Of Evil
12 The Sign Of A Dark Destiny
Hells Headbangers Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 27, 2010

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