Graveworm - Ascending Hate

Dark growling Italian metal. Graveworm have always had that gothic edge which came out quiet heavily in their debut album "When Daylight's Gone" from 1998 and they have stayed true to the gothic influence throughout the years making it their signature sound. There is no doubt that this is pure symphonic "melodic" blackened death metal and this album holds much of the classic gothic symphonic sounds filled with heavy melody that this band is known for.

"Ascending Hate" holds catchy versatile tracks, heavy riffing, smart leads, thunder pounding drumming and vocals which range from blackened shrieking, death growls and demonic grunts which make your blood curdle. As for the bass it is as steady and grinding as always. The sound quality within this album is superb and I love how the listener is taken in unexpectedly with the dark mellow acoustics during the intro and how this gradually climbs bit by bit slowly unleashing the hellish spirits which lay the foundation of the tracks to follow.

I haven't found anything to criticize with these tracks. All and all this work could not be more exquisite and am sure those who appreciated symphonic black/death metal will love "Ascending Hate". Even the skull cover art is a wicked piece of art that anyone would want to have in their collection. "Ascending Hate" is the 9th studio album Graveworm has offered us and after hearing it a few times over I must say that this band is not ready to descend and it appears that this album will be keeping them at the top and I expect they will continue to rise till infinity.

Graveworm are the masters of bringing the gothic sound together with the grinding heights of metal which is something that many bands try but do not manage to succeed to pull off as smoothly as Graveworm has. I totally love this band and this album.

  1. The Death Heritage
  2. Buried Alive
  3. Blood Torture Death
  4. To The Empire Of Madness
  5. Downfall Of Heaven
  6. Stillborn
  7. Liars To The Lions
  8. Rise Again
  9. Son Of Lies
  10. Nocturnal Hymns, Pt. II (The Death Anthem)