Gravety - Into The Grave

Gravety's debut full length 'Into The Grave' may sound a bit cliche at first, but on the music front they are actually quite talented. Merging Heavy and Death Metal together, the output is highly melodic and ferocious at the same time with anthemic quality. Aside from the brief, somewhat useless introduction of a shovel digging dirt, tracks like "Stroke Of Fate" feature just the right pace for rhythm with rather basic, yet catchy chugs mixed with solos that fall right into step as well just the way that old-school Heavy Metal used to be. Vocally, the singing is excellent and almost operatic with how the notes can be held and every so often switches between a burst of death growls to shake things up a bit so it doesn't get monotonous. On other tracks like "Judge Your God" sometimes some Thrash inspired snarls are tossed in for theatrical effect without breaking the rhythm, and when combining them with the singing and growling it give forth a whole ensemble of variation that almost makes it seem like the group is putting on a rock-opera without getting too sentimental or losing their edge.

Of course, after a while even with the varied vocal styles the music can wear the listener down a little bit. As Gravety tries to keep their music rooted in the Heavy Metal tradition much of the riffs and song structures tend to stay the same. However, the group still tries to mix things up as much as possible, sometimes tossing in more melodic solos in combination with the faster, technical ones such as on "False Messiah" or adding in samples before tracks such as the repetitive "no" on "Axe Of Execution," which also features one of the better interlude sections of melodic guitar that the band has yet to display. Overall, the album will definitely appeal to fans of the more melodic side of Heavy Metal, even though it is not the most technical or melodic masterpiece offered when compared to other more seasoned bands. Still, the production and quality of the musical arrangement is certainly worth checking out as Gravety weave a horror story of 'Into The Grave' worthy of being compared to the works of Iced Earth or even King Diamond.


  1. Entrace
  2. Stroke Of Fate
  3. Decay Of Life
  4. Judge Your God
  5. False Messiah
  6. Into The Grave
  7. Asylum
  8. Curse Of The Catacombs
  9. Summoning Ritual
  10. Axe Of Execution

Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Jun 25, 2012

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