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Washington state USA is where it all started for Gravenloch back in 2002 blending their blackened Death Metal with a lot of Thrash influence to good effect. Eventually joined by Beau Galloway on guitars (ex- Blood Ritual) 2009 finally saw the release of this their debut album. Raging like a beast on the hunt for fresh meat, these guys have plenty of quality ideas, there are some classic metal riffs in their music, featuring many varied arrangements and quality production. Artistically speaking, there is promise, not that you wont have heard this approach before, but the execution is top notch. ‘Insurgent Incursion’ is a frantic heavy thrash orientated song that blends well with killer black/death hybrid tunes such as ‘Kill or Be Killed’ and their band title track. There is not much time for mellow reflection (apart from the disappointing section in ‘Never to See the Light of Day’), Gravenloch are intent on beating your senses and stirring your head into a frenzy of heavy music. Battering ram drums and bass work hard in the background whilst the guitar riffs and solos keep on coming. Not content with nearly following the rhythm of the tunes, the guitars add twists and turns along the way. In some places you get the shout-out-loud vocals, but then the gruff vocals are in plentiful supply with a deadly rasp like many a blackened thrash band. This sounds like a band on the road with album number three or four, for a debut release this is a good find and welcomed change from what is considered popular listening in metal circles.

Now sadly looking for a new lead vocalist, only the brutal may apply. Gravenloch prove they are a cut above some of the wannabe metal bands. Effortlessly displaying plenty of arrangement variation and an overall heavy as hell bouncy rhythm. A good start to their recorded career, and yes, ‘This is Metal’!

1. Intro & Procession Of Corpses
2. Kill Or Be Killed
3. Gravenloch
4. Insurgent Incursion
5. This Is Metal
6. Descent Into Hades
7. Never To See The Light Of Day
8. Hordes Of Damnation
9. Mechanized

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 18, 2010

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