Graven - The Shadows Of Eternal Call

Graven is an unknown band to me and so I found out that their debut "Perished and Forgotten" is aready from 2002. So they had the time to come up with this one in 2006. Graven plays true black metal as you can guess when seeing the black/with artwork. The album starts with a dwelling intro and it hammers down in the 2nd track. Fast songs with lots of changes to midtempo parts. Sinister and raw vocals, ravenous riffing and the old school drumming. Songs that drown in grimness, nihilism and misanthropy but enjoyable to listen to. Maybe not worldshocking but Graven is not dead yet.

1. Prologue (Ravens' Circle)
2. Horde Of Wolves
3. The Glorious End
4. Lords Of The Winter
5. Swarm Of The Night
6. From A Distant Past
7. The Presence Of Death
8. The Shadows Eternal Call. Epilogue
Undercover Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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