Gravehill - When All Roads Lead To Hell

Anyone whom already knows this US death/black thrash metal band would know that they like to be soaked in blood, lyrically they like a few satanic scribbling’s and musically they create an unholy racket! Gravehill are one of those bands that I like one minute, then not another, album number two shows promise from the outset and hammer blows like ‘Devil Worshipper’ and ’Unholy Executioner’ hit the ground running displaying some plentiful death/thrash abuse. This is a very popular style in Europe, and I guess I am spoilt by the amount of choice in this genre, there is not anything in particular that makes Gravehill stand out from the rest of the crowd, but on initial impressions, the album artwork certainly does them justice, but I do get the impression that the band would not give a damn whether you like them or not, they have an attitude and presentation package that quite magnificently raises the middle finger to all haters, it must be that punk attitude and sound they exhume at every opportunity!

Sticking to their guns, Gravehill raise a studded fist in the air and ensure that if you’re not bleeding from excitement, you will be bleeding from a resultant battering, arrangements have some sense of control, but generally when the “verses” laden your speakers, you are sometimes lost in a bombardment of furious momentous music. Whether this be good or bad is a decision for ones own personal taste, elements of groove like that in the aforementioned ‘Unholy Executioner’ really do make this a rather enjoyable procession of mite, but be prepared for a tornado of guitar picking once you are initially succumbed to a sense of comfort.

‘When All Roads Lead to Hell’ is brash, raw and over the top in some places. Effectively rendering your senses to failure, Gravehill’s attitude, arrangements and atmosphere will leave you in a bloody mess on the floor.

  1. Intro
  2. Unholy Executioner
  3. Devil Worshiper
  4. Extinction
  5. When All Roads Lead To Hell
  6. Suffer No Man To Live
  7. Hell Metal Holocaust
  8. Pray For War
  9. Consvmed By Rats
  10. 7:06

Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 24, 2011

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