Grave Miasma - Endless Pilgrimage

"Endless Pilgrimage" is the latest EP from the UK’s underground bleak black/death cult, long established and making a name for themselves around the globe.

‘Yama Transforms To Afterlife’ has a sitar included, making it a bit more out of the box then you get to the harsher ‘Glorification Of The Impure’. This is actually a reworking of a song when Grave Miasma were known as Goat Molestör, and that appeared on their 2003 demo "Ancient Barbaric Assault" (I still have that tape too!), it’s certainly been refreshed.

The power and ambience of the music is pretty meaty, that classic old school sound mixed with modern aggression works well, and each track seems to merge into one complete recording with a similar presence felt on each of the five tracks. There’s more of a complete package rather than any stand out musical performance from that of say a vocalist, drummer or guitarist.

Old harrowing death and black metal is the game here, my only gripe amongst the grimness is the loss of vocal clarity when the pace quickens every so often. Other than this, the current fan base of all things old, raw and dank will rejoice.

  1. Yama Transforms To The Afterlife  
  2. Utterance Of The Foulest Spirit  
  3. Purgative Circumvolution  
  4. Glorification Of The Impure  
  5. Full Moon Dawn