Grave - As Rapture Comes

Hail the band that many say is responsible for the Swedish Death Metal Scene and how it has evolved. If that is true, then Swedish Metal has truely evolved from the Grave. Formed originally in 1986 calling themselves Corpse, Grave have released some of the most influencial music, defining the sound of a genere. As Rapture Comes is the 10th full length release, and is full of everything we have come to expect from Grave, along with that good swift extra kick in the ass the band is known to deliver. Remaining true, yet always evolving, Grave shows no signs what so ever of slowing down. From start to finish, this is a blistering release that once again stamps Graves place in extreme music. Grave deserves to be hearlded with the likes of MASTER, S.O.D., NAPALM DEATH, TERRORIZER, and DEATH, for the countless contributions they have introduced to exteme music. Grave is Manditory in you collection.. Just listen... and there you'll die, satisfied. Ohh I almost forgot... They do a kick ass Alice In Chains cover... dont look at the CD booklett, listen to the whole album and see if you can guess which song it is. No peaking Cheaters!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Intro - Day Of Reckoning
2. Burn
3. Through Eternity
4. By Demons Breed
5. Living The Dead Behind
6. Unholy Terror
7. Battle Of Eden
8. Epic Obliteration
9. Them Bones
10. As Rapture Comes
Century Media Records
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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