Gravdal - Torturmantra

What we have here is Black Metal and it is from Norway so we may well be onto something here. The band was originally a studio project that evolved into a fully fledged band.

To open we have an eerie intro think some backward exorcist mumblings and you are in the right area. A huge part of Black Metal is pace and probably even more so atmosphere - see Emperor for the original version of atmosphere and 1349 for the more recent version all be it with a huge link to that original atmosphere through Frost who is Black Metal elite. So where are we with pace here - it is slow by Black Metal standards and I read somewhere that this creates space and I have to agree. The slow pace here helps to breed the all important atmosphere. Shining vocalist Kvarforth provides guest vocals for the track 'Mishandlet'  and this track really helps to nail that eerie atmosphere down.

I would like to see the band bring the pace up a few notches here and there although that may well be just my personal opinion and not the bands vision for their Black Metal and for this release. Black Metal should not follow rules in any case and I like both mid paced and fast Satyricon and that is the essence of Black Metal - there are no rules, see Satyricon and 1349 for evidence of this.

Gravdal have released an album that they can be proud of.

1. Hydrestund I Helvete
2. Slave
3. Eg E Ditt Helvete
4. Mishandlet
5. [Untitled]
6. Torturmantra
7. Pulsen Vakler
8. Klastrert På Ambolt
9. Slutt
Unexploded Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 25, 2010

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