Grand Alchemist - Intervening Coma-Celebration

After an acoustic guitar intro the band speeds off with a black metal sound rich of melody, keyboard, floating guitarriffs and leads and blasting double bassdrums. What more can I say about this album. Great variety and well structured, composed and played songs. Just try out for yourself.

1. Faced
2. A nailed visual effect
3. Down again
4. Incurable longing
5. Approach (open the shel)
6. Intervenin coma-celebration
7. Sensemachine
8. Psyche and a flower to the new lifetime
9. Minds delusion sleeps for creation
10. Solemn and sophisticated
11. Under my shallow skin
12. Snap up the raw of existence
Sound Riot Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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