Grace Disgraced - Lasting Afterdeaths

The band was founded in 2004 in Moscow by its permanent female vocalist Polina “Grace Dis” Berezko. In 2005 Aleksandr Klaptsov (guitar) joined the band – and now he is the band’s main composer. The first gig took place in famous R-club in May 2005. Although the style couldn’t be identified as death metal, the fiery mix of heavy, black and thrash drew public attention and there followed a set of gigs in Moscow, Tula, Taganrog, Rostov-on-Don. Grace Disgraced recorded their first demo “Natural Death” in winter 2005-2006. Then some years of constant line-up changes followed. The 2015 line-up is marked with the returning of legendary Andrey Ischenko and the fretless bass of Pavel Semin. This year has been devoted to the work on the third full-length album “Lasting Afterdeaths”, which is already recorded and now released.

From all over the globe women are making their appearance’s fronting death metal bands and this time it is from Russia.

Grave Among The Stars – singing in her native tongue amid a subterfuge of virulence the track draws inspiration from its destructive and septic squalling with equally matching riffs and deathly blast beats that come at you on a mission! This is not all death metal either as it possesses some progressive, technical temptation with solid melodies.

Childhood Of The Dead – gives the bass the limelight as it attacks the ears along with a ferocious guitar riff that conjures up an evil stalking. Its thick distinctive tones are explosive and complex.

Wheels Demonical Spin – richly textured with a coating of evil personified, is one way of describing this track! There is something to feast upon around every corner and throws the listener into a sheer quandary as to what to feast upon next!

The Mute – Whatever you do don’t press mute, this track is blood curdling as well as steeped in a haze of boisterousness. Hard to imagine that there is a female at the helm of this band for sure!

Part Of The History – engages with an attacking bass hook and prevalent guitar riff that sculpts the way. Its resounding creativity is passionate and infective. Venom drips from every pore make no mistake.

Captured In Snow – twists and turns in a snake-like manner. Hosting a barrage of beats that give off ripe dynamics and atmosphere by the bucket load. The seething tones snarl and gripe with every ounce of deadly poison.

What Hide The Woods Of Gevaudan? – is a very ambient track that haunts with particular ease. The strings give out a vibrant edge of beauty that capture a picturesque scenery, although showing a fiercer side to its gnarly nature as Polina grunts in a magnificent and emotional drama.

For the technically progressive mind to revel in, this album rewards with high calibre  and adds another winner to its belt. It can also be said that there are black metal traces contained within its mighty core of excellence, be it brief.

It holds a very broad enterprise that captures seemingly endless moments of pleasure allowing the listener to engage in its practices of individual intimacy, meaning there is always something to relate to within its powerful endeavour, and what one finds interesting another won’t notice until it is pointed out to them.

Incorporating progressive and technical strands allows a band to blossom and gives the listener a focusing edge.

Superb album!

  1. Grave Among The Stars
  2. Childhood Of The Dead
  3. Wheels Demonical Spin
  4. The Mute
  5. Part Of The History
  6. Captured In Snow
  7. What Hide The Woods Of Gevaudan?