Grace Disgraced - Enthrallment Traced

"Enthrallment Traced" is the debut album from technical death metal group Grace Disgraced. The band resides from Russia and mixes complex music that isn't the standard chug-fest and constantly shifts rhythm over and over (though not as hectic as grindcore does) while tossing in almost a snarl of a cross between black and death metal (not quite the typical cookie monster bark). Some could compare it to At The Gates vocals almost. The music here shifts between slow solos to what sounds like burst fire from an anti air gun (just listen to the drums on 'Hypocritical Oath'). It is very rhythmic, loud, and clear- the band definitely did not skimp out on the production. On some parts they speed up to brutal overdrive but never for very long. Unlike a lot of brutal death metal bands out there, Grace Disgraced is very mid paced and accessible so fans get to hear every note- from the bass to the drums and of course the guitars.

As far as the technicality of the group's work, they include a lot of solo moments, but they aren't the speed solos heard in thrash metal. Sometimes the singular guitar moments are almost as 'slow' as the riffs that hold the song together, feeling almost like they belong on a doom metal album. 'Psycho Cycle' includes some great opening riffs that will draw listener attention before exploding into one of the heaviest tracks the album has to offer. Here the band touches more upon some of the deeper growls as opposed to shrieks but overall the latter is what will hold through the album. Listeners will probably pay the most attention to the drums as they constantly evolve through each track- sometimes performing jazzy moments such as on 'Orchids...' or straight up obliteration on 'To Autumn'. Overall, the mix of instruments is great and shows that Grace Disgraced has tons of potential of being a very unique sound in the death metal community as long as they keep the music fluid and listeners on their toes without falling towards complacency.

  1. Prophecy Of Sonambulist
  2. Hypocritical Oath
  3. To Autumn
  4. Psycho Cycle
  5. Adzhimushkai
  6. Villain
  7. Orchids Of The Fallen Empire