Grá - Necrology Of The Witch

The quintessential subject of "Grá" lies at the edge of this existence, at the borders of "life". The necessity, beauty and significance of Death.
Grá was formed in 2010.  Their lyrical themes touch on the dark aspects of ancient Scandinavian spirituality.

In Cordibus Vestris
For whom the bell tolls... the intro goes on just a tad too long to be interesting and the chants a little too predictable to fully engage the listener.

Necrology Of The Witch
The rolling ambient sounds of typical black metal ignite into a distorted overflow of rasping vocals, however, the monastic chanting spoils it for me somewhat. So you won’t get much neck breaking done to this.

Οδεῦovταν πρov τηv Στῦyα
It’s all Greek to me! but apparently means 'On the way to Styx' The sound of trickling water and a clap of thunder prevails, storms a brewing! Dark overtones embellish the track with intrigue to some degree, but little else is happening.

Worms And Crows
A deep contrast to the last 3 tracks as a rip roaring in full throttle thunder storm literally explodes into action! – Time at last, to get that hair flying. It’s intensely rhythmic and energetic with a good constant aggressive beat that twists and turns ferociously into a dark ambience that gallops through its hypnotic core. Excellent!

Helfärd II
Intensifying riffs dominate a hollow drum beat with an immense amount of distortion and gravelly evil vocals ensue. There is a dark melancholic accent of doom hiding behind the slow melodic grooves but other than that everything is kept very low key and rather uninteresting with nothing to feed from.

Freezing Moon
This track however is showing signs of good melodic rhythms with some excellent guitar and drumming.  Vocally incandescent with a crushing edge of dark building passages laced with doom laden structures that go a long way to pleasing the aural.

A rather disappointing E.P really with there being nothing to pad out the sparseness so it just rides on the bare bones of what could be potential greatness. ‘Worms and Crows’ and ‘Freezing Moon’ are the bands redeeming tracks as they do offer some compositional skill and adaptivity, but the rest of the tracks hold very little in offering something tasty and interesting to really focus on.

I feel personally that this isn’t showing the band in their true colours and think it could do with being less restrained and sullen.  Granted Black metal is anything but jolly, but there seems to be a lot missing from this recipe, which is a damn shame as there is a lot of potential for the band to work with here but maybe they should combine more rawness into the passages and emphasise their moments in a less subtle way. However there is nothing of real importance here and relatively predictable in places.


1. In Cordibus Vestris
2. Necrology Of The Witch
3. Οδεύονταv προv την Στύγα
4. Worms And Crows
5. Helfärd II
6. Freezing Moon