Gotherfall - Blacksphere Architecture

Gotherfall comes from the French speaking part of Canada and has released their latest album in 2006 called "Blacksphere Architecture". Looking at the bandpicture I was afraid to get a Cradle or Dimmu copycat but they are not really that. Yes it is black metal and it has some similarities. It is blasting, scratching vocals and with the help of the keyboards it is sounding very bombastic. Maybe a bit of industrial and gothic can be heard in their songs. Besides that it is not too original cannot make the difference that this is a heavy dark album. Surely for the die hard fans of the symphonic and orchestral black metal.

1. Satyric Phallusbait Daemonium
2. ...And The Widow Cries In Secrecy
3. At The Dawn Of Punishment
4. Erthe: Battlefield Of The Gods
5. Skyzofleshist Plastic World
6. Prophylaxis In Extremis
7. Where Angels Lie
8. Der Wind Bläst Über Den Sterblichen
9. Théurgie Mystificium
10. A Last Dusk On The Necrosphere
11. Ventriloque
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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