Gospel Of The Horns - Realm of the Damned

Melbourne is the city these devil worshippers are hidding in. Only coming out very rare as their first blasphemy was from 2002 and it took 5 years to spew their second one out. "Realm Of The Damned" is a hard and straightened piece of black death thrash metal. The tunes are much on the same speed level with breaks into banging mid paced. Covered with raw throats and simple but effective riffs leading into some furious leads. Musically the band is not breaking any barriers but play a very recon sound done by bands before. If you kick on no nonsense blackend death thrash than this is woth checking out. Visit their MySpace instead of their official HQ for updated info and streaming songs.

1. Aggression For Blood
2. Trial By Power
3. Death Sentence
4. Retribution
5. Blood And Iron
6. Realm Of The Damned
7. 1915
8. Resilience
9. Strength Through Fear
10. Outro
Invictus Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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