Goryptic - From Blast To Collapse

Sickening Death Metal from these French Cycos. Goryptic have gained a large cult following and for good reason. Barbaric, harsh, fast, gutteral, and slamtastic! Deathmetalers wet dreams captured digitally! Professional, and thick production with alot of clarity in the individual members performances only bring out the beastiality of these songs. Not to mention a techno version of Malformed Pig Fetus!! Goryptic are sure to gain the same acclaim and love as Decapitated, Mortician, Gorerotted, and Devourment!

1. Stupid Spoiled Whores
2. Circle Pit
3. Malformed Pig Fetus
4. Ill-Treated
5. Visceral Hate
6. Internal Conflict
7. Stacking Stillborn
8. Eight Shitty Hours And A Happy Slaughter
9. Bloody Ophiuchus
10. Condemned To The Stake
11. Malformed Pig Fetus (Zardonic Remix)
Self released
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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