Gory Blister - The Fifth Fury

Missing their last release completely, ‘The Fifth Fury’ is a release that is a master class of technical death metal. I was a big fan of ‘Skymorphosis’ and ‘Graveyard of Angels’, but ‘The Fifth Fury’ is a real step forward in terms of delivery and song writing.

Opener ‘Psycho Crave’ has a modern death metal vocal and a brutal delivery highlighting the intricate time changes that develops into a haunting guitar tone in place, like some Swedish melodic death metal, a nice touch for sure, but the over feel of the song is much more brutal. ‘Toxamine’ has a crossover sound between Carcass and Atheist with the similar sinister vocal delivery. At around the 2 minute mark of this track, you have to listen to the lead break, its spectacular, it’s very fluid and really grabs your attention.

Gory Blister have a deft ability to change a songs character without a second thought and all is done quite seamlessly, character changes a little with a slight middle eastern flair making the music much more than a brutal technical death metal experience. This band are truly at the top of their game in terms of song arrangements, both from a technical point of view and by way of the studio capture has worked out.

The title track ‘The Fifth Fury’ is truly aggressive and a stand out tune for me, typical of the ‘Symbolic’ onwards period of Death. These are clearly an influence in terms of song writing and more modern influences come out from the drum patterns that are often akin to full force hammer blows in places.  The final track worthy of mention (although all are in truth) is ‘(Meet Me) In the Mass Grave’ which has everything in one track. Tireless and effortless time changes, a lighter but aggressive vocal and more of those cataclysmic drum patterns I mentioned earlier. Thankfully the final instrumental is an orchestral piece that includes pan pipes, much more palatable than a techno song that completed the last album I listened too!

Gory Blister are great at what they do and deserve a real level of appreciation for this album. This is how to play precise aggressive death metal. This is music that really needs to be heard and can hopefully be appreciated live by some of you in the future.

  1. Psycho Crave  
  2. Thresholds  
  3. Toxamine  
  4. Devouring Me 
  5. The Fifth Fury  
  6. Prometheus Scars 
  7. (Meet Me) In The Mass Grave 
  8. The Grey Machinery  
  9. Heretic Infected Orchestra (instrumental)

Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 6, 2014
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