Gory Blister - Skymorphosis

Gory Blister is a band from Italy that started around 91/92. And after serveral DIY releases they are releasing a full length in January 2006. Gory Blister is influenced by Death but they don't copy but give it an own touch. But what you can expect is some technical death metal with technical skills. Songs that have variety in speed and melody. Up tempo songs that not only sound aggressive but also using a melodic approach. This Skymorphosis album is not giving its secret after the first listening so I encourage you to listen it frequently to like this band as i do since a long time.

1. Procession to Apocalypse
2. Asteroid
3. Sailing to Achernar
4. Skymorphoss
5. Skin Legacy
6. Blood-Sweating Wall
7. I Shall Hang Myself
8. Quasars
9. Black Canvas
10. The Missing Planet
11. Shader
12. Starfields
13. The Soul-Slitters
14. 1000 Eyes (bonus)
Mascot Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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