Gory Blister – Graveyard Of Angels

Three years after their last Skymorphosys the Italian Gory Blister are now back with a new album: and it’s with a great pleasure that we can say that they are here with another wonderful work. 15 years of career, important festivals around and an European tour with bands like Sadus and Darkane: all this is not so common to the biggest part of the acts around Europe and in the same way Graveyard Of Angels is not an album that it’s possible to find every day. The first word I had in mind during the listening was “variety” and I can confirm it. Every death metal maniac can find here the best of many different kinds of extreme music: the melodies and the frenzy of Dark Tranquillity (The Gallery period), the virtuosities of bands like Death or Nevermore, the fury of the US death metal and it’s not finished. It’s hard to analyze every shade and influence of these guys because we are in front of the perfect death metal compendium: the last 15 years of this great genre are now finally resumed into only one opera. Useless to talk about every single performance or about the perfect production: buy it and learn it.

1. The Hatch Opens
2. Void Made Flesh
3. All Vanishing Ruins
4. The Descent
5. Emit Despale (instrumental)
6. The Slum Of The Wretched Creatures
7. The Shining Hades
8. Graveyard Of Angels
9. Emit Despale (remix)
Mascot Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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