Gortal – Blastphemous Sindecade

Gortal was established in 1996 by Chryste (guitar). The first line up was completed a few months later: Cukier (vocals), Chryste (guitar), Patryk (drums), Bengarek (bass) and Major (guitar). From the very beginning the band has been devoted to classic death metal with a touch of the US style.

From the first few seconds you start listening the latest output from Gortal you are able to guess from which country the band comes from.. Yes, it´s Poland!

The guys play straight deathmetal in „Vital Remains style“ and of course the have the „Polish Brutal Metal“ touch... The sound on (for a longplayer not long duration – about 31 min.) Balstphemous Sindecade is very heavy, the guitar are shredding clear out of the boxes, the bass guitar could be a little louder, the grunts are nice and often under well made combined two voices. Only the drum sound is not appropriate to the rest of the music. Sometimes it sounds too tight, maybe „BigFuckingDrums“?

All in all a good album but nothing we haven´t heard from other bands out of this style but if your interested check out the band´s sites to get an impression, it´s no waste of time.

1. Insight
2. Perversity Rites
3. Black-Purest-Desecration
4. Forgotten Writing
5. Unleash Hell
6. Deathamation
7. Beast-War-Terror
8. Obscene Nazarene
9. Blastphemy
Pagan Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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