Goro - Goro

Death as Brutal as its name! Goro is Ultra Heavy Super Mosh Core Death Metal! Glutinous guitars, cavernous bass lines, sonorous drums that don’t go a million to fucking nothing in a split second flat. Songs are tight and well executed. Proving that this band gives a shit about quality of there material-not that they corpse grind every 6 seconds. New School Shredding, Old School Feel! To sum it up-Goro is a huge mammoth beast come to rip off all you limbs and beat your remaining torso into mush-with your own limbs!! BRUTAL! The only word I can use to sum it up!

1. Intro
2. splatterwar
3. h.v.d.(hate violence and destruction)
4. tic tic tic death
5. rock n gore
6. xtreme pathology
Hurricane Shiva Records
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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